I am a very very very greedy GODdess.

Which means My Bitch Piggie, Fat Cash Cow, Human ATM MUST have the ability to truly sacrifice AS MUCH AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE.

ALL for ME.

We both know you are browsing this website for ONE thing, you want a true ebony GODdess to make you Her complete FINANCIAL bitch. And I know you are itching to get to that form and send and spend. And you’re almost there.  You are this close to being under Me and in My back pocket, tucked away waiting for the chance to be financially USEFUL to someone like Me. 

Someone you don’t deserve to even know.

But before we get to the spending and the drooling and the laughing.....
It is IMPERATIVE that you read the following posts in order to familiarize yourself with MY way of thinking, and dominating financially, and then after you can return HERE and pick up where you left off.....

(Click on Links Below)

1. K.R.E.A.M - "Kash Rules Everything Around Me"
2. Financial Domination: Simplified.
3.YOUR Cash =- MY Cash.
4. 10 Ways to Satisfy a GREEDY Black Bitch.
5. ALL Things FINDOM

Now, we have come to the most important part.

Just EXACTLY how can you indulge in Me and be My little cash piglet.?

Well, I offer many different outlets, as well as the traditional ways, to explore this fetish such as:
  • Financial Overhaul and Budgeting
  • Kash Drop Off (Local ONLY)
  • Shopping Sprees (Locals ONLY)
  • WishList Hauls
  • Tribute and Homage
  • Sponsorship
  • Fundraising
  • Adopting Bills
  • “Kash” Notez[i]
In addition to applying to be My pig, you will have to send me Homage to accompany your application. You can choose from the following outlets ONLY.
(More outlets are available to long serving FinSlaves)

  • ·         Minimum of 175$ must be submitted in order for your application to be accepted.Send to Kchaninc@outlook.com. Make sure you select the “send to family and friends” option to avoid fees.)
  • ·         You can pick these up at any store and place at least 150$ cash on card. You will be required to submit those numbers within your message in your application. (For males who desire complete anonymity, this is the way to go.)

[i] Love Letters you write out in black ink and send to Me in a card or with a gift with a BLANK money order inside or cold hard cash.