How shall I address You.?
I respond to Goddess Kimi or Goddess von Blaq ONLY.

What's Your favorite fetish.?
I am really into FINDOM and FEMDOM obviously, but I also really enjoy Foot Fetishes, Cuckolding, Sissification and Humiliation.

What turns you on.?
Besides being The Boss, I enjoy mental domination the most, being able to manipulate My prey into a corner and then go in for the kill, taking all his pride and making him addicted. Lol. I also quite enjoy cuckolding, and am always looking for a cuck to add to My collection of losers. And of course I love Black Female Supremacy and Financial Domination, which I think go hand in hand, don't you.?

Is tribute required.?
For subs who session yes, however for personal slaves and worker bees, the upfront 'you must pay Me now' policy is a little laxer. Even so, I expect to be spoiled on a constant basis,

How can I tribute.?
>Click Here<  to Start OINKING for Me.
you can also find information on tributes, customs clips and photo sets, items for sale and ANY other information you may need can be found in The BETA Center.

Do you offer any free services.?
Of course NOT.! Like I said above, all of My time will be paid for. Don't expect special treatment from Me, no matter who you are, what you do for a living or what you look like. I could careless, you are still an inferior weakling to Me and weaklings pay period.! Now that being said, if you WORK for Me, we can trade work for actual cash.

How do I make appointments with You.?
You may email Me from My contact page. Make sure you fill out the form completely and explain your fantasy/fetish desires, what times/days you're free to play and include contact information.

Do you do outcalls or incalls.?
At this point in time, I am not entertaining ANY real time session without small deposit. (25$ for incall, 60$ for outcall)  If you need an outcall session, you must pay for a hotel room or dungeon/private house fees, I do not make house calls unless we have established a good relationship..

What's your availability for ONLINE sessions.?
I am almost always online. For overseas slaves, I go to bed usually 2am EST and usually up by 11am EST. You must calculate our time differences so you can sync up with My time. I will not forfeit My sleep for you.

What's your availability for RT sessions.?
>Click Here<  to see exact time

Do you offer cam/IM/phone sessions.?
Yes, I do. >Click Here<  for information on how to obtain a session like this.

I am a novice, do you accept slaves like me and are you willing to teach me.?
I love novices, being able to start fresh

Are you looking to collar or have a personal slave(s).? And how may I earn a collar.?
Yes, I am. However, it is extremely hard work. Only through dedication and effort will you be accepted as a personal or collared slave. I have a slave application with a list of jobs you can fit into, being collared is not required but this is the best way to secure a spot in My life.

Do I need to sign a contract.?
All collared slaves must sign a contract. Personal slaves are not required to sign but its recommended. Personal slaves are completely different from collared slaves and do not receive the same special treatment as collared slaves.

How did I end up BlaqBalled/BlaqListed.?
You pissed Me off, you didn't pay, or you're a flake.

Will you have sex/ send nude pictures/ get naked on cam/ do anything sexual with me.?
Absolutely NOT.! Do not ask. I am not a Domme who says one thing and means another. All sessions I am clothed. The most skin you will see is Me in a bikini or lingerie.

At the present time, I am not accepting applications for this fantasy.

Do you travel.?
I can travel, but will only travel if all My expenses are paid, and am given a spending allowance to tour the city you are located in. Basically, I book and you pay, I eat and you pay, I shop and you pay. I will NOT come out of pocket on out of town trips. (Or EVER as a matter of fact.)

Do you offer double Domme sessions.?
Yes, I have a few Domme friends to help Me torture you.

Do you sell worn clothing/panties/shoes.?
Yes, I do. all Kustoms can be found >HERE<. Email Me from contact page with the item(s) you wish to buy. All item prices do not include shipping.  Shipping will be added to final price after up emailed Me.