Formal news: The Holiest Day of the Year is Approaching FAST.!

Attention Fans, Losers, Minions and Bitches,

October 8th 2018,
7 days from now, is one of the holiest days of the year.

My Birthday.

I know right.?!
Its already here, SOOOO Exciting for Me….!
 I love My birthday.
A whole day dedicated to Me and My magnificent excellence.

And as some of you already know, it is YOUR duty as a Kimi addict, to PAY homage to Me on this Holy Holiday.  ALL IN MY GLORY. It is YOUR duty to make sure I am BOMBARDED with gifts, cash, and of course, love notes for Me to enjoy and laugh at.

The actual amount of work done, money given or even words written and submitted to Me, is irrelevant (Except for the very few slaves I keep close to Me, who have set amounts to give). For me, especially on a day, My friends, family and lovers shower Me in endless love gifts and ridiculous amounts of cash, it is more about your ability to  S A C R I F I C E  for ME. In My name, while praising Me for being born perfect and allowing someone, as sad and desolate as you, to speak to Me and be My play toy.


you will only be allowed to see, serve or session with Me on 10-3-18 through to 10-5-18. 
My availability has changed as well.

I am only available 3pm -9pm on these days.
NO MORNING VISITS, as I will not be home.

As always, 1. DEPOSITS for newcomers are ENFORCED and 2. You will NEVER be allowed inside My domain empty-handed, new or not.

If you are not familiar with how to serve or what is needed, >CLICK HERE<


I will only be accepting CASH tributes via PayPal, CashApp and Niteflirt. I will also accept amazon gift cards for those of you who wish to remain anonymous.

>CLICK HERE< for tribute information. you will also be able to submit a birthday love notes from this page. I will post a vlog reading the sweetest and most thoughtful messages out loud, which will be posted sometime after My birthday.

In addition to receiving and spending your homage, I will be away from 10-5-18 to 10-12-18, partying with My best friend, My favorite bull (at the moment) and some of My family members. So the ability to reach Me will be severely limited.


Skype- CLOSED.
2. KIK – LIMITED*Limited to members ONLY*. (Applications for KIK Memberships have been closed)
3. Phone – LIMITED.*Limited to maids ONLY*. (All texts and calls from anyone else will be sent to voicemail and ignored, even on NF)

The male who pays the biggest homage will, of course, be showcased on the front page of My website (if he wants, since his picture will be posted as well).  As well as an all access pass to My birthday gallery, which will be jam-packed with beach pictures, party pictures and pictures of My weekend with My Favorite Bull. which by the way I am sooo excited for. This weekend promises to be soo kink nasty, yummm.

The winner will have access to the gallery for 48 hours. After that, the password will be changed and the gallery will be posted for sale.

With that being said, I can’t wait for the upcoming week. and why wouldn’t I, Im going to be smothered with love for a week, while you wank over the results.

I love My life, lol.

See ya laterz!