P.S.A (For OINKERS Only)

To All My Loyal Piggie Losers,

Let Me start off by saying, LUCKY YOU.!,
you have earned a lot of My undivided attention and personal training. 
And, I know you have been enjoying the perks of being such good little bitches for Me. 
All of you need to really keep up the good work and keep pouring all your energy into making Me happy.
And yes, I do mean that you should SPEND MORE, SPOIL MORE and WORSHIP MORE.
Its your DUTY.! (plus more perks for you.! Lol)

And now for the Principal Slave Announcement:

I am switching to a premium PayPal account, and will no longer be accepting gifts via the email or PP.Me link most of you have. You will need to delete all of that accounts information as that account is no longer in service after today.

From now on, direct all Gifts to:
Email: GoddessKvB@gmail.com
P.P.Me: PayPal.me/yuLuvKimi  ($1 fee)

Also, for your (and of course My) convenience, I have also opened a CashApp account. 

Send $$: Cash.me/$GoddessHatesyou
Sign Up link: Cash.me/app/LDGSLCD 
(Get 5$ from CashApp for signing up.!)

This is a SUPER easy way to send Me even more gifts, conveniently via a phone app. 
Just like with PayPal, never write any notes and always send ‘AS GIFT’ and not as a payment. 

And of course, you may still send gifts via NiteFlirt, Amazon Gift Cards and/or make bank drops.

NF link: https://www.niteflirt.com/users/Goddess+Hates+you
Amazon Gift Card Email: GoddessKvB@gmail.com

As always, I am so thrilled all of you are as consistent with your spoiling as you are so loyal to Me. And as you know, you are always expected to keep up with that high level of servitude and sacrifice if you wish to continue being My bitch and getting all those sexy perks.

Keep up the good work, My KimiBots.!


Any change that has been made to My account does not affect yours. I’m just upgrading to a premium account, so there is no need to change anything on your end. If you have received an email version of this post, be aware that you are only seeing that email because you have made a gift payment to My old PayPal account, Because of this, your email is kept as a reference source on PayPal and is neither sold or used for anything outside of sending you important financial information between Me (your Goddess) and you (My bitch).