Long Time, No See.....

I know I have just been so naughty with updating and it has been soooooooo long since I have been virtually active in the lifestyle or on here, but fuck it. Been way too busy  in real life to post or do anything online really. But what better late than never, right? LoL

First, I’d like to start this off with something special. I would like to give a very special thanks to the ONLY two slaves (with a consistent record of service) who tirelessly, effortlessly and selflessly worked their asses off to make My life as seamless and easy as it is now.

To My Senior Assistant and Creative Director ‘Gee.K. (Gee-Kay)’ 


To My 1st Junior Assistant, ‘RoboBitch’ 

Both of you are what I would call model slaves and I am lucky you both serve Me as well as you do, as SELFLESS as you do, so.. 

Here’s to another year of hard work, meaningful and insightful conversations and to the continuation of your absolute admiration, adoration and love for Me, your Goddess‼

Now, on to the good stuff…

Coming back to the lifestyle full time calls for a need to grow and change for Me. So, in the essence of that change, I have decided to open up My clips store, Kimi’s World, again, as well as become more active in Instagram, Niteflirt and Twitter (Those who know Me well know how much I hate being confined to social media lol, but given it's somewhat influential grasp on the world, I figured it was for the best to blend in sometimes) .

Yes, that’s right.

Once again, you will have the honor of being completely enchanted by My body, My voice, My visual power, as well as getting the chance to peek inside My real life and be the little stalkers I know you are.

So, expect this upcoming fall/winter season to be packed full of goodies for you to buy and drool over, LoL.
And when you’re done drooling, be sure to thank Me profusely for this gift I am giving you, because we both know you really don’t deserve such a pleasure.

On that note, I must say it has been 9 beautiful years of bliss being engulfed in this lifestyle, and I’m looking forward to many more. The first half of this year alone has brought Me so much joy, as My stable grew and My obsessors came out in droves, LoL. And I am looooving it.

With that being said, its time for Me to get back to the real world. And its time for you to get back to spending on Me, drooling over Me, and being My complete and total idiot.

Make sure to check back next week for a new update.! 
 Until next time...
P.S. Forgive My Site (with all the dead links.).! I am in the middle of updating the whole site, inside and out, so bare with Me, lol. It should be completed soon. Also starting this year, I will try to keep up with updating, posting and My social media. at least weekly. Even though I am perfect, I know I slack so hard on that, LoL. And I know you guys need that, you need your fix, don’t you.?