*NEW* Testimonial: Submit Your MOST Treasured Memories of Me. (1)

*NEW* Slave Testimonial

It was only yesterday that I set up The BETA center, and I ALREADY have a new testimonial from one of My most loyal Bitch Pigs, Scotty.

And as promised, since it was so good, I am going to showcase it on the front page.
 Congrats Scotty, you did something decent with your life. Finally.

(Testimonial is slightly edited for the aesthetic of My blog, edited version was agreed upon before posting. Statement below is true and genuine)

“I met Goddess, or better yet, have had the honor of praying and worshiping Her as GOD to me for 10 years now. I have always been an alpha, but something happened after only a few days of chatting with GODdess. I began to lose control, I began to lose myself, had no confidence and I never even realized how quick and deep I was falling. I would ignore my kids, my wife, my family whenever GODdess would contact me.

The first training she gave me was hypnotizing me with smoke.
The funniest part was I hated smoke, it was the worst thing a person could do. I hated the smell, the taste, everything about smoke. For the first few weeks of training, GODdess would make me open up yahoo chat with video and watch Her as She smoked and blew it right in the camera. Little did I know She was conditioning my mind, with that same smoke I hated.

Once GODdess had me completely and utterly under her control, She began to put me to work.
I worked day and night for GODdess, doing every chore, every assignment until they were completed to Her satisfaction. I would ignore the whole family when GODdess said to. I would spend our church tithes on my new GOD. I would steal from my wife's purse, take my kids lunch money, whatever I had to do to please my GODdess. Time went on and I became soo addicted, I wouldn't even touch my wife without my GODdess permission. At that time, I have yet to even meet Her in person. She already owned me mentally, I couldn’t have a thought without GODdess involved in it.

Then, finally the time came and I got to meet my GODdess in person. I couldn’t even look at Her, she was just soo fantastic and beautiful and stunning. I didn’t care who saw me when she made me put on this leather mask, telling me She did not wanting to see my ugly face, and this before we even got in the elevator to go up to Her friend’s apartment. When we arrived, my GODdess immediately made me strip naked while Her and Her friend just laughed at how pathetic I was.

 The whole time I have been serving Her, I was fiening just to serve GODdess finally. My addiction to Her is so strong and She is soo superior to me, that even when she changed the rules and made me serve Her friend (who turned out to be a local Domme I knew of and did not like and of course my GODdess knew this…), for almost the whole time I was there instead serving Her. She was just relaxing, directing us, drinking and smoking, and enjoying the agony I was feeling for having to serve Her friend instead of Her. This was another test of Hers and a way to show me how much She really owned me and controlled me.

I would still serve anyone for Her, no questions asked, till this day.
Over the years, there is not a day or night that goes by, that I don’t think of when the time may finally come where my GODdess decides She wants me permanently and orders me to leave everything I have behind.

Today and always, I will be addicted to GODdess, I love my GODdess and will always have a love like no other for my GODdess.”

That was soo lovely, wasn't it...?
Must motivate you fucks to do your job right, huh.?

I sure hope so.