My Bottom Bitch.

AKA The ‘Sissy’

Key Points:
  • Will be transformed into a complete girl
  • Mandatory Training
    * Makeup
    * Heels and Walking in Them Properly
    * Fashion and Gossip
    * Slutology
  • Daily contact
  • Will be considered a pet
  • Will have maid duties when applicable

Being My sissy is probably one of the most connected and enjoyable Domme/slave relationships you will ever have. It’s not just about dressing up and humiliating you (which of course, as you know, I enjoy immensely). Under My guidance, you will realize your true potential as My girly bitch. We will gossip. We will go shopping together, trying on outfit after outfit and pair after pair of shoes together. We will get pedis/manis together. Everything GIRLS do, you will do. And I will essentially become one of your best friends (although the Domme/slave dynamic will always be in play) as well as mentor and most importantly, your owner.

Beautiful, isn’t it.?

Now this fetish seems to have a lot of you perverts confused as fuck.

I'm guessing because most of you are sooo used to paying hookers and mediocre dommes to play out YOUR fantasy, that a lot of you think that Sissification means I need to strap on My dick and fuck you how you want to be fucked for hours on end…

Lol. That is the dumbest shit I have ever heard of in My fucking life.

No bitch, sissification is about turning you into My own little pussy-boy. Let Me say that again: MY LITTLE PUSSY-BOY. ALL MINE.   For Me, Not you…. I know this confuses a lot of you. Point Blank Period, I'm going to take whatever the fuck you came to Me as, whether it be as head male of your work group, or somewhat a sissy, virgin, or loser, foot licker, secret perv-o, whatever the fuck, and I will mold shape and craft you into what I deem acceptable as My Bottom Bitch.

Now with that being said, let Me slightly explain how things are going to go around here. I am a GODdess, and not even an easy one to please or deal with and definitely serve. NONE of you are worth My time, or attention and you damn sure are NOT worth getting My dick. However, you can, of course, work your ass off to EARN it.

Now you will have to go through some trials and hardships, challenges, etc., BUT yes you can earn it.

To give you a few hints, YOU, the Loser….
  1.         Will have to tribute AT LEAST twice during service. Including your INTRODUCTION tribute.
  2.          Will have to conduct a FULL Meet and Greet, plus inspection.
  3.          Will be expected to preform MAID duties (If Local).
  4.          Will be required to undergo the MANDATORY rigorous Sissy Training Program
  5.          May be required to “entertain” a number of Female and male friends of Mine.
As far as experience goes, I prefer NOVICES for this, to be honest. For Me, I like to start fresh and make a lasting imprint on his DNA, molding him into the perfect girl to do WHATEVER I want with.

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