All My Favorite Things...

I entered this lifestyle about 6/7 years ago and when I started, I pursued and branched out into every fetish I could find. I spent hours upon hours reading, researching and playing to find and perfect My niches. Some of them I absolutely soared at right out the gate, like with FinDom and FootDom and other foot fetishes.  My love and dedication to Black and Female Supremacy came much later as I grew older and far apart from the traditional “Pro Domme” Circuit.

And through trial and error, and all My old work as Goddess Sophie being completely and unfairly deleted, I have finally nestled Myself within a very comfortable spot, mastering a few niches that I know a lot of you are very familiar with. And I know that you will try your hardest to appeal to Me, won’t you.? Playing your part as slave/sub/cuck/bitch/whatever, executing your duties perfectly to My qualifications so that both of us can truly love and live the life we want to live.

Below you will find a full list of My favorite aspirations, excluding Foot Fetish. 
As most of you should be aware that is incorporated in EVERYTHING I do.

Click on ANY link in the list that interests or inspires you.

1.      Female Supremacy
2.      Financial Slavery
3.      Humiliation
4.      Cuckolding
5.      Sissification
6.      Chasity
7.      Phone Domination
8.      Fetish Cam
9.      Obedience Training

Each link has a vital information that you may need in order to serve Me. I suggest you read it THOROUGHLY before messaging Me so we are BOTH on the same page and you aren’t rejected because you were too busy drooling over My pictures instead of paying attention.

Good Luck.!

GODdess K.v.B.