The Lucky Seven.

Have you ever wondered just how EXACTLY can you fit into My Empire.?

As it just so happens, I have finally comprised a list of seven (7) types of slaves that I am willing to accept into My Queendom. Being around as long as I have, I have come to a good understanding of what type of male I would prefer to deal with. And being that I am a thorough GODdess, I decided it would be a good idea to lay them all out for you. Since we BOTH know that you are stupid little man, I know you need as much info as possible to effectively play your role as inferior. With so many choices being given to you, there is no possible way that you can’t find a way to be useful to Me.

I present to you My seven favorite types of slave, or as I affectionately like to call them,

“The Lucky Seven”
There is NO limit to how many positions you can fill, so GO CRAZY.!

1.       My TOP Bitch aka the Cuck.
2.       My BOTTOM Bitch aka the Sissy.
3.   My DIRTY Hoe aka the Humili-Slut.
4.       My ‘WORKING’ Girl aka the Worker Bee.
5.       My DEVOTED Lamb aka the Slave.
6.       My ‘FOOTBOT’ aka the Foot Boy.
7.       My POTBELLIED Pig aka the Cash Cow/Human ATM

Over the next few weeks, I will be releasing detailed posts dedicated to each type, including special jobs and duties, instructions on how to apply and exclusive tips on how to truly become a lucky FAVORITE of Mine.

Stay Tuned.!