The First Time

‘The Accidental Pleasure’

 As a Woman who enjoys Her privacy, I have always kept this lovely lifestyle hidden from My family, and general public like neighbors and the like. No one but My very close friends, lovers and My slaves know who I really am. I am a Hot Milf who loves being a bossy bitch. Who loves having pitiful slaves suffer for Her. Who loves being worshiped and having males fall in LOVE with Her and Her perfect feet. Who really really loves getting Her way and has always gotten Her way, with everything.
 My baby’s father, who has been with Me since I became a Domme, was always okay with My lifestyle and how much money I was making off of it, but he never participated outside of the paid cuckolding sessions and holding the camera to film Me while I’m with slaves. But as it happened, right after “Kaori” turned two, I stumbled into a strange but fulfilling relationship with a cute white neighbor of Mine, that I used to con into helping Me around My house or doing things for Me.

 He was a rather handsome dude too, kinda geeky and easy to tell he was secretly submissive. He was sooo sweet and always eager to help Me with anything. And ever since we met, we had an unusual flirting style. I would often tease him about his looks and gush over My baby’s father or he would catch Me dressed provocatively and would go to compliment Me, only to receive a devastatingly cold response. (Sometimes I swore I saw his eyes light up to the reaction.) He Always looked so happy to see Me, like a puppy who just seen his Owner after She had been gone all day. I think that’s what I liked about him the most.
 One night, My baby’s father and I got into a real nasty shit storm of a fight and I ended up kicking his ass out. About three days after that, I ran into My neighbor in the hallway. After a bit of small talk, he offered to smoke Me out and make Me tea so I invited him back to My place.  About an hour into our conversation, he politely asked Me if he could help Me relax. When I gave him a smirk, he quickly said he wanted to give Me a foot massage, “Because I was stressed out and a foot massage was a great way to reduce stress.” …
 Alarm bells immediately went off. His sheepish grin made Me instantly think he was trying to try something with Me but I paused and look him over again. He looked so cute and I was sooo angry….

So I let him…….

 He went into the kitchen and heated up a bit of olive oil and came back and got on his knees below Me. He took off each sandal and caressed each sole before dripping warm oil on My calves and feet. He smiled and started a conversation with Me and all while gossiping and laughing he gave Me the best massage I ever had. I was so relaxed that I never noticed when he started to kiss and lick My feet. And it wasn’t even like tiny flicks. He did long sexy ass licks along the curves of My soles. Biting My heels and toes and right when he tried to suck them, I “snapped” out of it and pushed him to the floor with My foot, asking him what the fuck he was trying to do. He looked at Me and smiled, softly said sorry, cleaned up quickly and left. I never moved from that chair. I actually sat there for a tiny while after he left just thinking to Myself about what just happened. I was actually surprised at how much I liked it. When he licked and bit Me and was just sooo into it. It was a turn on to see someone that cute beneath Me, worshiping Me. And I’ll admit I let him continue on longer then I should have before I snapped out of it. Lol

The most vibrant thing that I remember about that incident is how extremely happy and pleased he was to be at My feet. And how turned on he was to be able to do what he did to Me. I never knew anyone so pleased by feet…so it had Me thinking…

After that day, I began to indulge more and more into foot fetish and how to get someone like him to do this to Me on a daily basis. I always had the “Good” Domme background. Up until My neighbor, I have always dealt with slaves on a strictly professional basis. But since that day I have really branched out into this lovely world of Female Supremacy. So much so that I am now on My way of opening My second website. Continuing to pursue and document My kinky ass adventures, continuing to build Myself and empire as a Goddess, as well as continuing to bring My fans the very best of Me. Such as selling them My used panties and special requested clips and pictures.

I plan to be the Supreme On High “SupaDomme” and live out My life with slave after slave basking in My all mighty glory. Even when I retire…. you’ll still be chanting and praying to My name.

So Stay Tuned……