I am EXACTLY what YOU Need.


To the outside world, you have it all together. You dress as a professional. You talk like a professional. You play the part well. You engage in some of the most boring conversations with people you could care less about,  and talk about topics that would make dental floss sound extremely entertaining.

But you do it….


Because you are a professional…..
YOU are the “MAN”…..
You have the career. You have the title. You have it all.


There's something deep inside you that no one knows about. Something you couldn't tell anyone because it might ruin your image, your career, your professional creditability, your marriage. You don't want to be in charge. You desire to be the one who is demeaned, the one who is fragile. You wish to be given commands by your Goddess. And not just ANY Goddess.

 You want to please a Superior Ebony Goddess, to give Her everything she asks for. You dream about awaiting your punishment for not being all that you should be for this perfect Ebony Goddess. You want to be completely degraded and humiliated by Her. You want to be addicted and yearning for Her. You want to be called names like loser and bitch, make Her laugh. You want to be tied up, spit upon and made to obey. You want to gag on a pair of perfect Ebony feet, and worship Her image, praying to Her daily, hoping that day will be the day She gives you more attention. You want to be financially enslaved, filling your Goddess’ pockets with as much cash as she likes.

I can make this a reality for you. I will provide what you have been seeking your entire life. And in return, ALL of your hard earned cash, your pride, and life will belong to Me. I believe it is a man’s duty to provide Me (a WOMAN) with everything I need, want and desire. AS a male, you were put on this earth to serve Me and make My life easier. Whether you are a slave or sub, I will NEVER do as you wish. Your pain and agony and, for the worthy, FINANCIAL RUIN is My Pleasure and desire.

Female Supremacy is My lifestyle that I live to the fullest every day.

If you aren’t prepared to be at MY beck and call, tribute Me for being so fantastic, do whatever I say when I say it, why bother Me with your presence.?