Financial Domination: Simplified.

"That's a good boy... just hand it over.."
Mmm, so you have finally found your way on to this glorious page. I know how difficult it was to tear yourself away from My pictures, but you definitely made the right decision. Out of all the pages on My website, this one will probably be your home. Your addiction to Me will only worsen after reading this page and submitting the application to be My little piggie boy.

I like to make things very simple for you guys as I know you are all incredibly stupid, especially when your dick is rock hard. Through all My years as a lifestyle Domme, I have been able to split up the two types of FinSlaves that come My way. I affectionately call them: Mr. Wank and The BitchPig.

1.       Mr. Wank:
This is the type of slave who needs to give to feel important…about himself. He is usually in a good position in life, usually in good health and almost always respected as “the Man” around his family and peers. But because of his inadequately sized penis, he desperately tries to compensate and win the attention of girls like Me by spending ridiculous amounts of money, and often patting himself on the back for it. This type of pig always gives until he is “broke”, leaves for a short period of time, only to come back tail between his legs with a bigger tribute then he gave Me the first time. You know… a real fucking loser.

2.       The BitchPig:
The other type (the type I enjoy dealing with the most honestly) prefers the TPE take on Financial Domination and takes well to a more structured overhaul of his finances. He prefers a younger woman because that humiliates him, having to answer to a hot ‘Little Brat”. He likes having Her budget him, all while all his extra cash goes to Her, for shopping and whatnot. The act of Her spending his allowance She allowed him to have so frivolously while he can’t spend anything at all. This excites him…and it excites Me too. I love turning the “man of the house” into the housewife with very little rights. Mmm how lovely…

I'm sure you recognize one of these characteristics as your own, don’t you.?

 As you can tell, I am the most excited about “The Bitch Pig”. The FinSlaves who fall into this category are not always the richest either. And honestly for ME, it isn’t about the amount anyway. Although of course we both know, the higher you spend, the more of the Goddess’ attention you earn. No, the most appealing thing about ‘The BitchPig” is that they are consistent, loyal and malleable. Sometimes. they start out small. Once a week, message Me and drop 45$. I tease them and leave them longing. The addiction kicks in and they frequent their Kash Drops. They begin to crave the rewards brought on by “doing a good job”. Soon, they find themselves on a delicious budget. Saving and planning in advance, not for himself, but his Goddess. Her weekend getaway or a party for Her and Her friends. He obsesses about it. He knows he has now become a valuable credit card in Her arsenal and that he has more duties then Her other slaves and he feels GOOD. Good that he is useful to the point that she calls him by his first name. Good that he has found a purpose in his life. Good that his money is being spent wisely by his Goddess then stupidly by his boring wife. Good because his life has become BETTER since She has taken over. The effects of this type of relationship completely woos Me again and again, financial happiness to NO end, for both Me and him.

 Thrilling isn’t it…? I know you are excited….
But don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about the other type.

Lucky for you, even if you are the “Mr. Wank” Type, there is still a place in My bank account for your money. From losers like you, I expect big bundles of deposits heading My way. Its okay if you run. Your money will always be Mine, and you will return time and time again, to continue to spend and spend. It fills that stupid little hole in your heart, the one YOU created being sooo obsessed about your tiny useless dick, and even though you have a girlfriend or wife and she also takes your money, you will GLADLY cut her allowance in half or more for Me. As in your eyes, I AM BETTER and am more deserving of making you feel useful by giving you all the cash you can scrape up for this overhaul. Make your worthless existence really mean something. Make the size of your deposit MUCH bigger then the size of that little peewee you got.

LOL Now I know I am not the only one here who has gotten hot reading these words...
Butt FOCUS piggie boy, you still have LOTS of work to do. 

As you are nearing the end of this post, I will give you some suggestions before I direct to the PIG safe haven for you to pay up. Whether you are "Mr. Wank" or a plump and juicy "BitchPig", your SOLE purpose in My life is to PROVIDE. You mean absolutely nothing to ME without MONEY. And even though the amount is irrelevant, the main key point here is that you SACRIFICE to PROVIDE for Me as your GODdess. SA-CRI-FICE. Suffer if you must, because I AM going to squeeze you until you're bone dry and squealing.

When you are ready  >CLICK HERE<  to read more information on being financial dominated by Me or to submit an application to be a financial slave.