The Goddess

She’s a beautiful shade of luscious brown

An essence of vanilla & sugar surrounds Her

Her walk is out of this world

And Her hair flows long in the wind

Men fall for Her, left and right

Whenever She happens to float by

And She’s almost, just almost, too perfect.

But these earthlings never seem to notice

They can be dumb at the best of times

Do you see it, do you see how She smiles

That fabulous captivating grin

It just never seems to reach Her eyes

Those gorgeous almond-shaped eyes

Behind Her cleverly done façade

Lies such a calculating creature

Her intellect is a match for no one

But She has a secret to Her exotic ways

It would seem that She is an alien

The Goddess of Venus Herself.

A Supreme Being trapped in human form

On Her planet She was loved and worshiped

But as humble as She is, Her heart is so cold

She Demanded. Commanded. Overpowered.

Every man Her matchmaker brought to Her

She looked at them over and turned them away

Her kingdom began to worry unjustly

“Will She ever marry, settle down?”

“Will She submit to a king and bare a child?”

“Will there be an heir to the throne?”

But despite what Her subjects bitched about

She continued to turn down every man

“She fears no man, She’s too picky” they said

So Her subjects moved to exile Her

In the dead of night, they captured Her

And kidnapped Her, from Her bed

They wrapped her tightly in Her sheets

And dragged Her to the elders chamber

Lying in a pool of silk, She listened to Her subjects

Each and every one of them complained

They have given up on Her

They want to abandon Her

Exile Her! Exile Her! They shout

So the elder had no choice

They decided to send Her far away

To a diseased rock called earth

Saddened by Her kingdoms actions

She held Her head high

As She waved goodbye

And She bordered Her ship and flew away

She vowed never to see them again

She will make Her own statement.

She decided to take earth for Herself

And She is very charming

A very rare beauty to ever hit earth

As soon as She lands

Men & woman will crowd around Her

Such a breathless beauty

So prefect. So strong. So Rare.