Sheila Testimony

My name is Shawn, or rather Sheila now (I have been rebranded by Her highness Goddess Kimi). Today is February 14, 2015, and I am finishing my second month of slavery to the Supreme Goddess Von Blaq. I came into contact with the Goddess via CollarSpace, where I messaged Her seeking ownership. She found out that I was a college student willing to do anything to serve so She began by giving me homework/writing assignments for Her blog and website. Since then, we have engaged in informational conversations about each other via Skype and I have gotten to know a lot about Her and Her supremacy over us inferior beings through these conversations and through Her blog/website. She also took the time to find out a little bit about me as well. I understand what She wants in Her slaves and She seems to see my eagerness to serve Her. Through this interaction, I felt Her dominant presence and instantly felt myself crawling into submission.

I was given a blog proofreading assignment, in which I had to make sure every word and sentence checked out okay on the Goddess’ website. As I was reading through the posts and pages, I couldn’t help but start to feel weak. The dominance and superiority of this GODDESS was displayed through every word and picture on this website. The humiliation that She carried out on Her slaves were brutal, but I couldn’t help but feel jealous that I wasn’t serving Her, or being humiliated, in Her presence yet. This is when I really started to break.
With every new task She gave me, I felt Her divine presence captivating me. I’m not sure if this is what She was intending, but that’s what was happening to me. The fact that it’s only been a day and I’m feeling this way blows my mind.

Today She graced me with the honor of bowing at Her feet via Skype cam, and what a privilege it was. Looking up at those soles and praising Her majesty made me realize; I now have a new religion, and Goddess Kimi is my GODDESS.
I am currently working to prove myself in order to have the chance of being Goddess Kimi’s personal domestic sissy maid, task slave, and humiliation puppet. The day I get the chance to bow my head to the ground in front of Her divine feet, I will know that my life has purpose.

I would like to end this testimony by saying; I worship Goddess Kimi, and I am NOTHING without Her.