Guess what time it is BITCH.!

Hiya Bitches!

I know you guys have been just enjoying the fuck out of My website and its new seductive design. 

Now it's time to put those grubby little slave hands to work! The best day of the whole fucking year is just a little over a month away. Yep! That's right! Your Goddess' Birthday!

Which means this will be a holy holiday for most of you. And being that most of you are incredibly stupid, I thought I would be generous and create a idea/wish-list for you to pick from and get Me for My birthday.

I included a whole range of things I wanted, but there are a few Key Items that I fancy. (You can find the list below) Word of advice : when buying from the lists, make sure to Gift Wrap and include a small note so I know who it's from. The price for Me doesn't matter, but the thought always counts.

Good luck on impressing Me idiots!



Birthday Wishlists : 

If you can't think of what to get Me, you can always start here....

You Know How Much I Love My APPLE Products.

BeatSPill ( A Must Have For Ultimate Goddess Fun Time)

Gold Good Luck Neko Statue

A Red Nikon To Film All Those Clips ou Love To Buy.

XXXHolic ( My Favorite Anime of ALLLL Time)