I know it's been a little minute since I've actually had time to post anything for you dick bags to read and, obviously, jerk off to. So I thought it was about that time to bless you. And, to kick things off right, I'm going to tell you about My pathetic virgin pussy boi. I like to call him My lost little puppy. LOL.

Honestly, where do I begin with this fucking idiot?

Well, if you are an avid reader of My blog, you would know Jackie as the 25 years old virgin moron who will do any and all of that crazy degrading shit I come up with. And he really, REALLY loves it. I mean really looooves it. And, if you know Me, you know I put his ass through the ringer. At one point in our relationship (when I still 'kinda' liked him), he was reliable, and would always come through in the end, giving up his last dollar just to do a 5-min task to amuse Me. But, even in his drunken stupor, caused by the euphoric feeling he gets from hearing Me laugh at him, he would often get extremely nervous, and would fuck up and do things that would put his reputation and freedom in jeopardy, two things I thought he valued when we met. A simple task would spiral into frightened texts from this dumbass, stating that he had ventured off from our tasks and had gotten caught (red handed, dickhead) doing something he wasn't supposed to do.

It started off with small things, like his friend catching him wearing his wife's dress under his clothes, or stealing some girl's panties, then the girl finding out (the same day I may add) and immediately accusing him. As our fling became deeper and deeper, he began to fuck up more and more.

The stupidity had no end ...

A month or so after we met, he decided to let his friend's wife use his laptop. That would have been fine, except My website was his internet homepage. And, of course, she needed to use the internet, and obviously saw My page. And guess who was on the front page, wearing her favorite red dress: Jackie. He was obviously kicked out very shortly after that.

A few weeks later, he was caught by his aunt (who took him in after he was kicked out) in his female cousin's room, with her workout sneakers' shoelaces tied around his face, and was fucking (his exact words were 'really intense moment with her shoes') her shoes and coming in them. This resulted in her kicking him out almost right after he untied the shoelaces from his face.

About three days after that horribly embarrassing incestuous incident, he snuck back into his aunt's house to wear some of his aunt's sexy outfits, in a desperate attempt to get My attention (I had begun to ignore him after the whole shoe lace incident). Apparently, he miscalculated when his cousin would come home from work with her friend. He was in the middle of changing his outfit when she came home, laughing with her girlfriend.  Here this idiot was, half dressed in his aunt's lingerie, on the second floor, with no way out. So the obvious answer (to him anyway) was to wrap a pair of his aunt's panties (probably dirty, knowing him) around his stupid virgin face and make a run for it. Of course, the girls saw him: the pale white moron racing down the stairs with black panties on his face. I laughed so hard I cried lmao. Like they wouldn't recognize his ass with his 'disguise' on. What a dumbass.

Needless to say, with all this drama going on, I did the only sane and logical thing I could think of.

I dumped him...

And, without My laughter and smile and constant ridicule, he began to experience withdrawal symptoms. He came to a point where he changed his entire life in order to earn the right to hear Me laugh at him again. With some success, I decided to talk to him again. He impressed Me, LOL. They just don't make servants like that anymore.

So, with a few conditions, like weekly deposits into My bank account and total creative control over the birth of 'Jackie' (his sissy alter ego), 'Jackie' would become more than just an alter ego. To which of course he immediately agreed.