Goddess Kali: The Hindu Goddess

The Goddess of Destruction 

I am very into Hindu religion and Japanese culture and when I found this description of The All Powerful FEMALE Goddess Kali, I felt so connected with this Goddess that I decided to write about Her. We both share the same power to destroy and rebuild men and their overrated and often inflated egos.

The appearance of Kali in her fearsome form is unbearable to the ego. But for the devotees of Kali every aspect of her form has a special meaning. Her fearsome form is significant in every aspect. Kali is seen with red baleful eyes, protruding tongue and four arms. She adorns a garland of severed human heads and also wears a belt made of dismembered arms. This signifies the slaying of the infinite desires of the self-focused ego. In her upper left hand she wields a bloody sword which signifies that she is bound to destroy the self-focused ego and ignorance with her deadly weapon. In her lower left hand she holds the severed head of a demon signifying the avidya, the ego or ignorance. With her upper right hand she makes the gesture of fearlessness and calls upon her devotes to totally dedicate their mind, body, heart and soul to her. With the lower right hand she confers benefits to those initiated ones who have wholeheartedly embraced her and who are ready to be carried forward in her path. On such initiated souls the great mother Kali bestows the benefit of knowledge and a path towards salvation with all her blessings and support in every manner that is possible.

Goddess Kali is represented as the Goddess of destruction, dissolution and death. Only the initiated souls in the “Kali way of life” can understand the real significance of all her forms and manifestations. Her terrible and wrathful form has great spiritual significance and once we explore and embrace Goddess Kali with full dedication of our mind, body, heart and soul we start seeing the truth behind every manifestation and form of Goddess Kali. For the initiated souls and Kali devotees, Kali is the Goddess of destruction who destroys ignorance, illusions, delusions and the various manifestations of the self-focused ego like anger, jealousy, hatred and negative emotions. Goddess Kali takes us towards the path of true life where one by one we see the fall of all the conventional structures of our life. These are the structures of ignorance, illusions and delusions which rise from the self-focused ego. Sometimes the fall of the structures and the resultant change happens as a smooth experience and at many other occasions this happens through highly painful and traumatic experiences. Persisting with Goddess Kali in all these times with adherent faith will lead us to a new opening and it will fill our life with the awareness of the supreme reality.

We should understand that for us to move into the higher trajectory of life we need to shed the veil of ignorance, illusions and delusions build by our ego which is so much engrossed in itself. Kali the black Goddess of destruction helps us in destroying the self-focused ego and its numerous selfish manifestations. She cleanses us of the unreal and shows the path of eternal truth. She reveals us the triviality of living a life which is self-focused and offers us an alternative life which aims at the goal of reaching her for total liberation.

Once we know her truly, we lose all fear of her and we start dancing with her in the eternal dance she enacts. She challenges us constantly to face the horror, the pain and the sorrow of the material world so that we can come out of all that knowing the triviality of mortal existence and the meaning of eternal truth. She assures that all our fears and shortcomings in life will be met in her, destroyed in her and thereafter we shall take rebirth as a fearless and "ever learning soul" with a purpose in hand and a journey to complete. We ultimately arrive in her and thereafter we cease to exist as we become her and she becomes us. That is total liberation.

This full description and summary of the great Goddess Kali, is in resemblance of the one and only all powerful and personification of perfection your own Exotic Monster in Goddess Kimberly Von Blaq. In the same ways Goddess Kali would destroy the ego and kill all inhibitions, ignorance, and will power. Goddess K. Von Blaq will also work slowly and thoroughly to destroy your will, erase your ignorance, and in all reality brainwash you, only to rebuild and bestow Goddesses will on you to ensure from this point on everything you do, every move you make will in some way or another benefit Goddess K. Von Blaq, your new owner.