We Live and We Learn.

It all started back in July of last year, right after I gave birth to My daughter. I was soo ready at that time to just get back into the flow of things, so I put out a very special journal on CM (which is now Collarspace) explaining My need for a film slave. I actually got a pretty good response back from that too so I was overall pleased. Nasty Black Bitch was one of the idiots who wanted to "serve" Me and all that. We did the whole back and forth thing for about a week and a half before he decided to back out of meeting Me. His excuse was he found another Domme (mind you, this man has NEVER served a real Domme besides Me. All have been posers) for him. The comment alone infuriated Me but I let it go. Being a mom has humbled Me so much that when he came crawling back, I accepted him. Without punishment. Again we went back and forth before he backed out. For the second time on Me!! This time I actually never even paid attention to the excuse he made up, I was too busy scheming on a plan to get him. I knew he would be back and I would make sure he would get his just desserts.

And sure enough a few months ago, he comes back, begging Me for a chance to serve, blahblah blah. Of course I played nicey-nice, just like the other times, which had him believe he was in the clear. He was soo at peace with My attitude that it was soo easy to manipulate him with this false sense of security. I eventually convinced him to send Me a picture of himself naked with lots of degrading words written all over him (I think this idiot used lipstick to write on himself), face shown. I also convinced him to give Me a way to contact any and all of his friends. Stupidly he complied and was actually very very pleased with himself about it. Lol thinking back now, he fell into My trap almost too easily. But he felt soo secure in My words, in the sugary promises I made to keep him unaware of My intentions. I can almost imagine the gigantic smile he wore on his stupid face and just a huge sense of relief he must have felt.

After I succeeded in getting everything I needed from him, I calmly switched the script on him. I explained to him, since he has now handed over enough information on him to completely shatter his life, that he is now My bitch. And for the next few months, he would be subjected to ALL of My disgusting and horrible experiments. ON CAMERA. LOL Oh how the tables have turned.

Unfortunately all that effort to make him suffer was for nothing. He's probably the most incompetent slave I have met. Okay he can clean alright and sure he can tribute just fine but since he has no experience with a real dominant woman, he comes across overly cocky and confident for an insignificant male insect who likes what he likes. He brags about how his other Dommes found him to be the best, which is something he could never dream of being close to. He never took his punishment like a man. Whenever I mentioned an idea he would text me continuously almost complaining about everything. The last few times I did see him, I felt Myself actually hating him and I wanted to smash his face in every time I saw him. I normally never have actual "feelings" towards any slave because you are unimportant. But the more I saw or heard from him, the more I wanted to beat him down. In turn I guess that should have made Me want to break him. But then I thought, what for? This is a 30-something year old man who is basically 6. I don't want to be a babysitter Domme to a grown ass man. 

But I saw him two more times before I cut him off. The first time I had invited a friend over for him to serve.  And in the beginning everything was fine. He tributed, he filmed as soon as he walked in and he didn't mind the ashtray. But then it got worse. We were ashing more and more in his mouth and eventually he started to resist. In one particular incident, he failed to listen to her (he actually told her no and refused to open his mouth) and even after I punished him, I still felt embarrassed that MY slave would fuck up so bad. The next week rolled around and he arrived late so everything I planned went to shit. And as soon as he realized our plans have been pushed back, he was VISUALLY happy. Singing while cleaning, overly cheerful....he even fucking whistled. Something he KNOWS I can not stand. Being that I cant hit him (he seems like the type of dickhead to call the cops on Me), I let him go. 

he acts like he is God's gift to the world and yet he cant even spell 'Queen' right. Shame.

I never deleted the picture he sent though. And a few weeks ago I asked him what exactly should I do with it. I thought it was valuable to him but obviously its not, since I still have not heard from him. To me that's better. It's a good picture to post.

So I am going to post it everywhere.....

Do you think that will get his attention lmao.