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11:41:00 AM

From This Moment on....

You will become EXTREMELY addicted to Me.
You are ALLLL Mine now, and nothing will EVER change that fact.

Let's not make things too confusing regarding who runs shit.

 I have always realized I am different from most Dommes, and am much harder to handle than most. I just love to abuse the idiots who crave to hear My addicting giggles. The look on your face while I'm degrading you, ooh how that excites Me. Your tongue cleaning the bottoms of My feet, Me roughly placing My foot down on your tongue, scraping off all that dirt caked on My feet, until they sparkle. The sacrifices you make in My name, the hours you spend worshiping My image. The amounts of money you blow to just get a text or two from Me. The control I easily take from you. The teasing, the games, the tasks, the constant seductive atmosphere consuming us as I take over your mind. The MINDFUCK. The love and pain.
Yeah. That is what really thrills Me, really turns Me on.

I'm getting goose pimples just thinking about it. LOL. 

I'm going to make shit really simple for you. You're going to do whatever I tell you to. You going to worship Me, do dumb shit for Me, spoil Me and endlessly compliment Me. This is what makes Me happy. And that's all that matters. I'm going to make you prove that you are more than a big steaming pile of useless bitch.

So when you message Me. call Me, text Me, whatever (and we both know you will), it would be very wise to compose a message that's worth responding to.

Now, SINCE you picked this post, I know that you are new to My site and need help pulling yourself away from My ass long enough to be useful. I have added a few links you can click on so you can actually find yourself serving Me instead of being a waste of space wanker.

*Click on any link below that interests you.*

I suggest that you really familiarize yourself with ALL the pages listed, in order to truly be informed on how to please Me and how to enjoy My power over you to completely.

Servitude Information:
1. Serve Me.


Beneficial Reads:

I'm going to end this post with a simple truth. I'm going to be a total cunt and you're going to love it.

Impress Me boys,
Goddess Kimi

My name is Goddess Kimi, bitches. G-O-D-D-E-S-S   K-I-M-I. And that's the only name I will respond to, I fucking hate being called anything else.

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