For The Love of Kimi

Oh yes dummies!

My C4$ is back up and I have already added new clips for you. I have well over 200 clips up for your buying and viewing pleasure.

There you go bitches!
And of course now that I have sooo much time to devote to teasing the shit outta you, I will be updating DAILY.


Breaking In Robin

Meet Robin, My dedicated boot worshipper/licker. Within the first few minutes of us meeting, it became extremely obvious that My feet, and more importantly, My luscious thigh high boots made My little Robin weak in the fucking knees with absolute love and pleasure. So what better way to break this bitch in other than making him clean, put on and lace My boots for Me before we get to the real fun. Guiding him along, he placed My boots on each of My perfect feet and carefully laced all the way up My legs (his little dick got so hard when he got closer to My thighs). Now every time he comes around I don't even waste My time putting on My shoes when I have My little bitch Robin to do it for Me

Why You're Inferior To BBC

I know you think that because you are a white man with some cash, that you are just the king of the world. But to be completely honest, you mean absolutely nothing without a big dick. Which we know you don't have. White men are forever cursed with the ultimate disease, small dick syndrome. Why would anyone really take a man like that seriously.? When you can go find a bigger dick from a more superior race. Yes I said it, We (as black people) are superior to you and always have been. You fear how strong we are. And you especially fear BBC, you know the power it has over you because you will never measure up to them. You will always be an inferior piece of white trash.

How To Zombify A Foot Bitch

I loved the way his face just lit up at the sight of My feet. Obviously this foot bitch was just itching to touch, feel and taste My perfect feet. And yet I had other plans for him. I wanted him to become sooo hypnotized by My feet, that he would do anything just to be able to be near them. Unsuspecting any of My plan, I laid him down beneath Me and began with the normal foot worship. But withing minutes I switched it up. Teasing him with My feet, never letting him lick them or touch them even though they were on his face. Always dangling My feet out of his reach, which only made him harder and drove him crazy. At the end of our session, he was crazy with arousal, begging Me to just let him smell them, he even paid Me more. But nothing was given to him except a dirty shoe to lick on and a swift kick in the pants out My door lmaoo.