TOTW: Nasty Banana Sundae

Well guess whos back for MORE!!

Lol Jackie the Virgin Sissy.

He has already gone through multiple embarrassing tasks for Me in the past few weeks. He has poured candle wax all over his dick, licked a dirty toilet seat in a nasty gas station and has begun to wear thongs to work. One of the tasks I had him try out was called Nasty Banana Sundae. To sum up this task, he was supposed to shove a banana up his ass, hold it and then shit it out into a bowl and eat it. If he followed the directions to the tee, he would get a passing grade and be able to participate in one of the contests I have going on right now.

Unfortunately, he's an idiot. Even for a male, hes extremely dumb when it comes to certain things. I thought My instructions were simple enough for a retarded baby to follow but I guess he's lower than that. His problem with this task was his ass was simply too tight. And I think he was clenching too much and the banana became too mushy for him to handle. Somehow with effort I saw him pop in the banana and then eat whatever came out. Lmao in fact, that nasty fuck was enjoying this task more than I enjoyed watching.

But even with all that hard work, he still got a failing grade lol. He didn’t do EXACTLY what I asked, and will have to redo this task along with a punishment task. Lol sounds like more fun for Me.