My Big Brazilian Sissy Bitch (Part 2)

This is part two of Natasha’s Transformation. Let's see how it ends for her….

After two and a half months of chastity and sissy training, she finally mustered up the courage to let Me come over and dominate her the way I really wanted to. Before I even left My house, I made her pay Me $500. I told her there was no way I would go down the street (she literally lived 5 minutes away from Me) without her paying Me whatever I wanted. She wanted to see Me soo badly she didn’t care, she paid as quickly as she could. When I arrived at her condo, she was very tipsy, could barely walk straight, giving Me more material to degrade and humiliate her on the way into her house. I made sure to embarrass her in front of her doorman and the security guard. However, Natasha was in bliss having me near her, she barely winced at My comments.

We finally made it to her door. She showed Me in and immediately fetched Me a comfy chair and a big glass of wine. I made her strip completely and laughed at her pink panties I knew she put on for Me. I made her kneel before Me and massage My feet while I finished My wine. She wasn’t very good at it, plus she kept babbling on drunkenly. When the last drop of red wine was emptied from My glass, I put my foot in her face and pushed her down on the hard wood flooring, telling her she sucked and I needed more entertainment other than her horrible foot rubs. She struggled to her knees and kissed My feet, asking what else would I need to be entertained. I told her I wanted to make her into a real girl, that I would shave her legs and put make-up on her and when I was finished she would pay Me 500 more dollars for being such a good girl and letting me do as I pleased with her.

She was extremely giddy, she hopped up and immediately showed Me to her bedroom. I pushed her on the bed and told her to stay perfectly still, which was hard because she was soo tipsy. I searched around her room and found a few shirts to tie her up with. Then I took off My panties and used them as a gag for her. I filled up her vanity sink with lukewarm water and soap. I found a razor blade, a small bowl and shaving cream and started in on her legs. She was like a hairy ape, so it took Me some time to really get her legs somewhat smooth. She squirmed a lot too so she had a lot of patches as a result. I didn’t care, turning her into half a girl was too much fun. I laughed and drank My wine, shaving away all her manly hair, then putting on gaudy slutty makeup on her before taking pictures of her tied up, shaved and made up.

After the pictures were taken and My laughing subsided, I removed her gag and told her to tell Me where her wallet was. After she told Me and I replaced her gag, I retrieved it and took 6 crisp 100$ bills. I told her I found the wallet, I took My money and I was going to get Myself a glass of wine. When in reality, I took My money and left her tied up, made-up, shaved and horny, with My panties stuffed in her mouth. Me and My boyfriend laughed and laughed the whole way home. Shortly after that she returned to Brazil, broke as a joke. I completely drained her of every last penny she brought with her to Florida. But all hope wasn’t lost, she is the perfect man-girl now. She loves playing dress up and is in love with chastity, all because of Me. She is the perfect slave for anyone who doesn’t mind that she has no more money to give. She still emails Me from time to time, but I barely ever respond. I enjoyed her downfall and metamorphosis into a girl but I have no use for a broke ugly slut.