Love Thy Goddess


"How To Properly Introduce Yourself."

Hiya Idiots,

I’ve been turning this over and over in My head and have finally decided to basically give you dipshits a simplified “cheat sheet” to introducing yourself and gaining My audience. Trust Me, you dumbasses need some help in this area. Almost 90% of you are more concerned with yourselves and what you want than Me and My needs and wants, but that’s just what you fuckheads have been taught. I am here to undo all of those bad and selfish behaviors and mold you into the perfect subservient bitch for Me.

All of you need to get one thing straight, you are nothing to Me. There will never be anything even slightly romantic between us. In fact, once I have you in My clutches I will immediately use every bit of you for My gain and benefit. I despise weak men, and I want to teach all of you inferior male fucks your proper place in life. I am a Goddess. You are a tadpole. Your life is meaningless and your soul is obviously easily crushable.  You pathetic dipshits need someone like Me in your life. I will give your measly irrelevant life purpose, a reason to wake up every day. But no matter how worthless you are, as long as I can find useful to Me, I will be able to accept you.  

Lets discuss how you can be useful to Me and My empire and I mean really USEFUL.   
Being a slave and doing slave things like submitting and doing whatever I say does not make you useful, nor does that make you stand out. I will only accept slaves who have something to bring to My table. If you have money, you need to spend it. If you don’t have money, then you need to work. If you cant do ANY of that, then I suggest you go find someone else who will want a below average male retard who can only do the same things every other average male retard can do.

The best to really catch My attention is to submit a small $25 introductory Amazon Gift Card along with a sweet little love note sent to My email. It is very wise to gush over Me and tell Me how much you want and need to serve under Me. I love it when you insignificant shitstains tell Me everything I already know: That I am perfect in every way and you are a worthless piece of shit. That I deserve to spend all of your money and you deserve to wallow in pain and misery.  That I am stronger than you, smarter than you, genetically better than you and you will always be at the very bottom of the food chain.

I really hope you guys are smart enough to use this ‘cheat sheet’ to your advantage. I have just given you dumbasses a sure fire way to gain My attention. If you couldn’t get a grasp of the messages I so generously laid out for you then you are definitely too stupid for Me to consider you an asset to My empire.

More to come soon.

Later Losers,

Goddess Kimi