Every Square Inch.

Surely you guys remember Loser Jessie?

My desperate and pathetic NY slave whose in love with Trannies?  Well he has been trying so damn hard to be the number one stupid bitch in My life. Even with his busy schedule of balancing school and work full time, he still sets plenty of time aside to do anything I demand of him. And because he has shown what a devoted little puppy he can be for his Goddess, I have decided to reward him with 'Task of the Week'

This task was more based on his ability to take pain for Me. But seeing that he is such a pussy at the best of times, he only put a measly seven clothespins on his dick. Definitely not enough for Me since the task required 'as much as you can take' but it was still effective in achieving the overall goal of the task. He did have a hard time slapping some of the pins off but his cussing and cries of pain made it more than worth the wait. Unfortunately since his face was hidden, I couldn't savor and take pleasure in his pain face. But in the end I was happy in the results. He had huge nasty welts on his dick and couldn't even sleep well that night. Lmao and you all know how much it pleases Me to see any slave suffer for Me.

I just love these tasks. don’t you?

I need MORE AND MORE idiots to do more dumb shit like this for Me.
 So if you got loads of free time, sign up and impress Me.

Later Bitches,