Proud To Be Mine

See How Much They Love Me? 

A week or two ago I began actively looking for little piglets to experiment various types of humiliation tactics and punishments while incorporating multiple other fetishes like FinDom and Sissification. I can honestly say the testing is going by spectacularly. Out of 6 lab rats, I’ve kept three.

TEST SUBJECT 1: 19. Closet Sissy. Humiliation Freak. Total Loser. Kept In Panties Always

TEST SUBJECT 2: 25. Virgin Sissy. Steals Mom's Panties. All Around Pervert. WILL DO ANYTHING, no matter how disgusting

TEST SUBJECT 3: 22. Complete Beta Male. Tiny Penis. Into Pain and Severe Humiliation.

I think 3 good lab rats is not enough to satisfy My hunger for experimenting on stupid little bitches. So potential buttlickers, if you can withstand real torture and very embarrassing humiliation situations (yes sometimes even in public), I suggest you sign up NOW!


Goddess Kimi