Katie: The 6 Ft Sissy Maid

Hiya Fagbags,

So yesterday I tried out My new sissy bitch maid.

This tall idiot in the frilly shirt and no pants is Katie.
 He is 20 years old and extremely hooked on Me. 
He begged Me to allow him to see Me for two weeks before I let him come over.
He finally came over and got straight to work.
He washed all My dishes and cleaned down My counters, oven, fridge and microwave.

He then swept, mopped and vacuumed My living and dining rooms before folding two big baskets of My daughter's, My baby daddy's and My clothes.

As soon as he finished, he went and got Me a dutch from the store. When he came back, I made him lay on the floor (which is exactly where his big ass belongs) while I rolled up a nice sized blunt. He laid perfectly still as I seductively stood over him with My legs apart before I sat down on the couch.

His treat for cleaning everything with minimal instruction from Me was My dirty filthy socks in his unworthy face. His dick was jumping for joy when he started to practically inhale my socks right off My holy feet. And in between the sniffing and face mushing, he eagerly opened his mouth for Me to ash My blunt in. I even put out a cherry on his tongue and like a good bitch, he didn't move a muscle. 

Lol, so I will have him over more often to see how good he will be at being My maid. Lets see what else I can subject him to. Yesterday was a bit tame for Me but he had too much to clean for Me to be bothered in playing.

I think a bit of paddling is in order for next time,
Don't you think boys?


Goddess Kimi