Happy Birthday Jackie.

TOTW: Birthday Candles.

Today is special for two reasons.
One: Today is My Virgin Sissy Jackie’s birthday.

Two: It’s the end of the first week of experimenting on My Lab Rats, and I have had LOTS of fun torturing and humiliating you bitches. Since it has been such a major success for Me, I am going to showcase a task every Friday.

Let’s call it: Task of the Week.

This week’s winner, My Sissy Virgin Jackie, did a special task for today (and will be doing lots of birthday tasks for his birthday weekend.)

I dubbed this task “Birthday Candles”

I actually wanted to see this task done for a very simple reason. I wanted to see how long some idiot could keep a burning candle in his bumhole. What I didn't think about was that the wax would melt. Lol, a rare blonde moment. I never even thought to tell him where the wax should go or how he should stand. It was simply “put it in your ass and light it” lol.

Lmao so the end result of My little double dare birthday task amused Me extremely. Not only would My sad little puppy hold the candle in his ass for as long as his Goddess wanted (until it burned out), he sat in such a way that all the wax from the 3 candles used melted into his ass. Lmao. I was dying with laughter. He will be pulling wax out of his stupid ass for a while.

Lol I love It.!

Like I said earlier, I will be showcasing a lab rat and the task he excelled at that week every Friday. 
Anyone can earn the chance to be featured. All you need to do is become a lab rat, and have no control over what I test on you, or buy a task at 5$ a pop and live out your wildest fantasies, under My creative and firm guidance. You must complete it with a passing grade. If you provide clear proof you did the task (you may hide your face), a follow the tasks to the tee, you will get a passing grade.

Information on Task Academy and Lab-Rats

Alright bitches, stay tuned until next week where Ill be picking another stupid idiot to feature. 

It could be you.

Ciao for now.

Goddess Kimi