Had His Cake & Ate It Too.

Hiya bitches,

So today was supposed to be about one of My long term slaves, Loser Jessie, but I want to tell you about something one of My stupid Lab-Rats did last weekend. Today’s TOTW will be posted next week Friday at 9pm.

Originally Jackie, the idiot, won TOTW last week, was supposed to celebrate his birthday last weekend in the hotel his mother got for him, and do lots of birthday tasks for Me. Ideally we both agreed that he would spend the weekend shaving his hairy ass, and being fully dressed in drag. However, instead he decided to run on Saturday. Run away from Me, run away from our fun-filled D/s relationship and his destiny to become a full-fledged sissy.

Of course this stupid bitch came crawling back crying and all snotty Sunday morning. Begging me to forgive him and take him back. He’s sooo lost without Me, blah, blah, blahhhhh fucking blah. Since I understood that My inferior pet was just a scared bitch and needed My guidance, I only let him beg for 8 hours before I decided to let him do a few punishments for Me.

His Punishments Were:

1. Eat his 3-day old (never refrigerated) cake out of the toiler AFTER he pissed in it.

2.  Tie a table to his balls and drag it from one end of the room to the other 3 times.

 And 3. Place clothespins all over your body and kneel on dry rice for 1 hour. He ended up improvising on this punishment and put 25 on his face and 25 on his dick and balls.

Although this did make me giggle, I haven’t decided to forgive his ass yet. And because I won't, he lives in agony every day, fighting and begging and taking every punishment I can think of for a chance to come back into My life. Lol. Mental torment is soo much more amusing to Me than psychical torture. I love it.

Maybe I’ll forgive him in a month. Who knows. Lol.

There’s a little lesson to be learned here boys…

  • 1.       Don’t be a pussy around Me.
  • 2.       Don’t run away and then COME BACK expecting mercy.
  • 3.       Do your job correctly and you wont get hurt.

That’s so easy to follow, isn’t it dipshits.?


Goddess Kimi