TOTW: Icy/Hot Troubles

Alright Morons,

Here we are again, its Friday and another idiotic retard has won “Task of the Week”!

This week’s winner is Jessie.

You guys should remember Jessie. You know, the cum-guzzler I wrote about on Monday. Anyway, like I said then, we have known each other for a while now and with each passing month we have had to spice things up. So when he heard that I was giving away humiliation and pain tasks to losers, he immediately begged to do a few for Me. He said he wanted to be My biggest idiot and have a chance to win some rewards from Me.

One of the tasks I gave him was very simple but very funny. I made him voice call Me Skype so I can help direct him through the task. He has always loved to hear My giggles, since he is barely allowed to hear Me speak. Once he was ready to film, I made him put a huge glob of icy/hot on the tip of his dick and made him slowly spread it all over. I made him talk through the task, explaining how it felt and how he felt. He just kept cussing and saying its burning. Lmao. You can definitely hear Me laughing at the sound of his pain. It’s so delicious to hear him suffer specifically. I was a bit sad at the fact I couldn’t see his face at that moment, he makes the greatest pain faces lmfao.

I just love these tasks. don’t you?

I need MORE AND MORE idiots to do more dumb shit like this for Me.
 So if you got loads of free time, sign up and impress Me.

Later Bitches,

Goddess Kimi