The Things He'll Do To Impress Me.

When I am extremely bored, I often find Myself selecting hand-picked idiots to play "Truth or Dare" with, with the intent to either learn secrets or make some unlucky and horny fool My victim. Either way the game is played, I always win, lol. The rather young idiot below is a perfect example of how a round of Double Dares should go.

This happy smiling buffoon's name is Nicola. He was My little 18 year old sissy pet for a very short while. He literally did WHATEVER I wanted in order to make Me smile. It's such a shame that our relationship ended soo quickly. Thank God he supplied Me with plenty of material to post on him.

Can you see his red lips.? That's actually crayola marker. He's smiling so wide because there is more too come. LOL

The night started off completely normal as far as truth or dare goes. He cut up some of his clothes to make some half shirts out of his polos, and mini skirts out of his favorite skinny jeans. Then I dared him to model them for Me while I take pictures. I told him he had to make himself up just like a runway, model but with house hold items. Lipstick and a homemade outfit on, he began to model for Me.

Show Off Your Body Sissy. LOL.
This little runway show got him soo hot. So he kept picking double dares not caring what would happen.  I wanted him to show Me how good of a dick sucker he was. But sad to say he was such a novice, he didn't have dildos or any other toys to play with. So I told him that he needed to find the vacuum and suck on that. LOL So he did. Nicola made LOVE to that vacuum cleaner tube. I could have sworn it was a real dick. Notice Me promptly cracking up in the corner.

That looks like it taste too damn good, Nicola. :)-
After this fire hot display, he started begging to get off. Pushing Me to do what he wanted Me to do because he made a tribute to play. I hate being nagged by the lesser species. So I turned up My innocent charm and gave him one last dare to cool him down before I let him go jerk off in the corner BY HIMSELF.

I suggested he make Me laugh. That's what I wanted and we all know that I am the boss here. And I wanted him to do something that would disgust him. So I slyly suggested that he should wash his mouth out. I literally wanted him to brush his teeth with soap. To wash out all of that selfishness that came out of his mouth a minute ago. He sulked to the bathroom to get his tooth brush and the hand soap. At first he put barely any soap on the brush, but I quickly pressured him into taking a huge fat glob of that purple soap. After little more coaxing and a triple double dare, he finally went to town on his teeth. LMFAO, foaming in the mouth like a little rabid puppy, he brushed and brushed while I laughed at his discomfort. He gagged more than once. And all he could hear between My laughter was My cold voice telling him how extremely stupid and gross he was.

Why Brush Your Teeth With Toothpaste, When Soap Is A Better Tasting Cleanser.?

Even with soap dripping from his lips and that awful taste in his mouth, this idiot was even harder. And he pleaded wanted to come, blah blah blah. So I came up with another dare. I told him if he succeeded in sucking his own dick, he could reward himself by coming in his own face. But sadly he wasn't as flexible as he hoped, and couldn't even reach his tiny little 18 year old penis. He failed the dare, but at least I got a laugh out of it.