New Beginnings (FORMAL NEWS)

It's rather depressing how jealous one woman can get of another, who is sooo much better than her. In fact, soo jealous that said woman plotted to overthrow Me,  a far more superior woman, by getting My old website deleted. Why? To make her meaningless existence just a little more noticeable. Maybe she thought that by doing this, she would be able to get the attention I was getting.....who can really say?  Sadly, like all dumb ideas cooked up by small-minded, weak, inferior women, her plans to get some of My glory failed horribly. Yes, she gained some ground by reporting My website as spam, but alas her jealousy and hatred toward Me only fueled My followers' devotion, and furthered My budding career as a Domina. 

 As you all can see (including you My loser Domme Stalker, which I am lovingly calling you to piss you off), I have established a brand new website, Elite and Perfect, brilliantly done to reflect My personality and to give you maggot bitches more to appreciate about Me. Along with My new and improved blog, I have also changed My name and the way I choose to run My empire. Goddess Sophia is DEAD. She no longer exists, just like My former site. I think it's fitting to start off brand new, since I have came across some serious information regarding My Domme Stalker. I needed to cut all ties with this person, who has been scamming and lying to a lot of you. Her way is just not how I conduct business.

You will now be allowed to refer to Me as Goddess Kimi, which is the name I often go by. And yes, I expect you to say My entire name. There will be NO shortcuts. Let's practice, shall we? G O D D E S S   K I M IGood boys. Punishment will be enforced if you don't address Me by the two names I have mentioned. 

 As for the way things will go from now on, there should be no question to My rules. Meaning, you follow what I say or you will be punished severely. My temper and patience have seriously depleted during My extensive hiatus. Meaning, I will be making use of My BLACK WALL OF SHAME (BlackBalled! section). Give Me a slightest reason to hate you and I will be putting you on My wall. Male or Female, doesn't matter to Me either way... cross Me and I will swiftly execute the slow and painful death of your reputation. Keep this in mind when you mess with Me. I am NOT for the weak-hearted. I am playing this game to win, and those who are weak will always get burned.

Goddess Kimi