Kash Rules Everything Around Me

You know what turns Me on the most?

The act of you giving to Me. And not just your impaired pride, your execrable mind, or even your ridiculous excuse for a penis to be locked away or damaged for My amusement and pleasure. No, the act of you handing over your ENTIRE check to Me. The joy I feel taking your hard earned cash from your scrawny hands, or maxing out your card on lavish and expensive gifts for Me, making sure to send some o-money to My Venmo account, is almost too hard to describe. But that joy is only temporary. Shortly after you have fulfilled My current lust for your money, My greed starts to hunger for MORE AND MORE. And I need more from you, My lowly puppet, to satisfy this insatiable greedy hunger. It's a never ending cycle for Me. I don't just want a portion of your money, I want ALLL of it. It will never be enough.

 I feel I have to really break this down for all you brainless dopes who don't seem to get this. To Me, men were put on this earth for one thing: TO PROVIDE FOR ME! To be used and abused for MY GAIN. To be drained of every last red cent to their measly little name. To Me, you are only worth as much as your wallet can offer Me. And if your wallet isn't big enough to talk for you for an extended period of time, why would I waste any of MINE on you, entertaining you? For what? You yourself mean nothing to Me. Your looks don't matter, how nice or how subservient you are doesn't matter. Only your cash does. 

With that being said, I'd like to firmly address the cheapies. Just because you scumbag losers got by with mediocre dommes with zero experience, on a budget, does not mean I will accept your lame tributes. I don't really care what's going on in your life, whether you lost your job, that the economy is bad, blah blah blah. Excuses, Excuses, Excuses. I didn't pick up this lifestyle to hear the whines and moans and groans of broke men. I indulged in this fantastic lifestyle to use, abuse and wallet-rape suckers for My pleasure. I am a very expensive Goddess with very expensive tastes. In order to be part of My empire, you will have to dig deep, deep, DEEP in your pockets for Me, and sacrifice all that you have for Me. I mean, how could you hope to gain an audience with a Superior woman of MY caliber without first giving all that you have to Me? It simply can't be done.

I take Financial Domination to its extreme to feed My greed. If you can't keep up, you will end up forgotten.