Natasha: My Big Brazilian Sissy Bitch.

Natasha was, by far, the most interesting and entertaining slave I’ve had this year, so I decided to make this piece about her. I met him online a few months ago. He was very timid and weak, but extremely giving and obedient. He was a Brazilian tourist who was actually staying a few blocks away from Me, but was too scared to meet Me in person. Of course, I humiliated him for being such a pussy, but was respectful of his wishes. At first, I would just degrade him, giving him embarrassing “tasks” to complete, sometimes within a certain time-frame. The best part was every time he completed his task, he would show his appreciation with gifts and tributes.

For about two weeks, this was the norm. Degrade, Pay, Repeat. And yes, it was great, making money off this pathetic loser was one of the easiest things I have done in My life. But I was getting bored with it; it was too easy. I needed to give him harder tasks that made him go outside his comfort zone. I needed to push him into doing more humiliating things for My amusement. So I decided to switch it up. I started him off with some ‘girly’ projects to complete. To kick-off our new training routine, I made him go to Victoria's Secret and buy two pairs of underwear and a sexy outfit of his choosing. When I first mentioned it to him, he was extremely reluctant, telling Me he couldn’t go into a lingerie store and blah blah blah. But after a hard push from Me, he completed his task on time and tributed Me handsomely for it. I pretended to forget about the lingerie he bought for a few days, tricking him into thinking that this was where his downfall had ended. Then, one night after he finished yet another task for Me, I made him model all the clothes he bought at VS, making sure he took tons of pictures for Me to use against him later. He looked soo cute in his underwear and cami-corset; and I could tell he really loved being in sexy frilly lingerie.

So to further his humiliation, I made him pay Me to post all his pictures on My website. And you know he gladly paid. Then, I decided to change his name to Natasha. I never really knew her name to begin with. I know she told Me, but I just called her sissy, so it didn't really matter that I had forgotten it. Natasha really loved her new name, her new clothes, and her new training. She was sending Me money and pictures left and right, and I loved it. But I was getting bored again, doing the same things over and over. Natasha was still too much 'man' for Me. So I started making her wear her underwear to work 4 days out of the week. She literally almost wet her pants the first day I made her wear them. She was required to IM me on yahoo while she was at work whenever she was wearing her panties, and she always would tell Me how hard she was with her frilly panties rubbing against her. And, every day, when she got home, she would beg me for release, and of course I never let her. I just humiliated her and made her take more embarrassing pictures for Me.

For a month, I tortured her, making her buy and wear new girly outfits and panties, and never being allowed release. I enjoyed her torture and how easy it was to get one thousand or two thousand from her a week. I noticed the more I made her wear those panties while not allowing her release, the more she would give Me. But again I was getting bored; the money was great, but I needed more for My amusement. So, the next Friday, I made her drink wine while we were training. And being the total lightweight she was, it took all of about two hours before she was begging Me to come to her house to train her. 

I think I will stop here for now. 
Look back next week for the final piece of Natasha's hilarious downfall into being My little puppet bitch.

Goddess Kimi